Orange County, California 2013

June 30th – July 19th


Program Length:

Three Weeks

Session Dates:

June 30 – July 19

Age Range:

Students from 12 – 18 years old

Tuition ($):

As low as $1,040/Week
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The Collective Sound will be moving its Orange County camp this year from Costa Mesa to the city of Fullerton, CA. Fullerton is in the heart of the OC, close to Santa Ana and Anaheim. It is only a short 6 miles to Disneyland and approximately a 20 minute drive to Huntington Beach. Fullerton is home to museums, shops, public art and the popular Fullerton Farmer's Market. There are various points of entertainment all over the city and nearby in other OC towns.
2000 Oxford Avenue
Fullerton, CA 92831

How to Register:

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Academy Details:

The Collective Sound Summer Music Academy is a three, or six-week summer music camp opportunity for young musicians, ages 12-18, to hone their musicianship skills in a creative environment.

With a focus on collaboration, students are divided into bands that work together to write and rehearse original material daily in preparation for recording studio time and live performances. TCS youth music camps also include workshops, extra circular activities, and open mic nights.

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The Tour:

TCS's summer music camps include a unique tour component that allows students to perform their original music in multiple cities within a 2 hour radius of the camp’s location. Some of these performances will be headlined by the students themselves and others will be with well known local bands. The students will have the opportunity to learn the many aspects of touring including traveling as a band, backline setups, sound checks, and self promotion. This week of tour proves to be an invaluable and fun experience for everyone involved and families are welcome to attend.

TCS is offering three week programs in the following locations:

  • Orange County, CA
  • Barcelona, Spain

Week 1

The first week will allow students to work through the creative process by teaching the component parts of how to write an original song.

Week One consists of:

  • formation of bands based on student musical interest, instrument, and level of experience
  • daily band practice in which two songs are written with the help of a band coach (as needed)
  • workshops and electives; (electives in the past have included: do-it-yourself promotion, at-home recording, electronic music, ins-and-outs of the music industry, and composition)
  • lessons taught by professional instructors
  • special guest lectures
  • open mic concerts to allow for practice

Week 1 emphasis: Creative Collaboration, Team Building, Problem Solving, Musicianship, and Songwriting

Week 2

Week two will allow students to work through the component parts of recording a professional demo as each band will track, mix, and master one of their songs with the help of their band coach and a producer in a professional studio. In addition, during this week each band will create a music video treatment and have the opportunity to film and produce their own video alongside an experienced director and producer. Lastly, each band will be partaking in a band photo shoot and will upload their photos and completed songs to a complete band website.

Week Two consists of:

  • recording one original song in a professional recording studio
  • use of music computer labs and other music technologies
  • classes on creating a myspace and other online promotional tools
  • taking photos for an electronic press kit (EPK)
  • creating a treatment, filming, and editing a music video

Week 2 emphasis: Recording Techniques, Band Promotion, Press Kits, and Music Videos

Week 3

In week three, students take their act on the road!
Week Three consists of:

  • going on tour to perform original songs for a live audience
  • traveling from city to city on a tour bus or tour van
  • students will perform roughly one show a day, sometimes two
  • show will generally be held at outdoor venues such as farmers markets, fairs, or at all-ages local music clubs
  • past tour stops have included: Boys and Girls Clubs, the Orange County Fair, Warped Tour, Union Square in San Francisco

Week 3 emphasis: Playing in front of an audience


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